Neural DSP Parallax (Win)


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Everything you need to design the ultimate bass tone. Parallel bass processing has been used for decades. Dual rigs or multiple plugins would be configured to distort treble for clarity and aggression, and compress lows for a massive foundation. Encompassing over a decade of experience engineering some of the most devastating bass distortions on the planet, Parallax provides everything you need to design the ultimate bass tone.

We process the Mid and Treble bands separately using our proprietary tube modeling technology for rich harmonics, and natural response.

  • High Drive: This knob interacts with the HPF Frequency control allows for dialing the perfect amount of fuzz or tightness.
  • Mid Drive: This knob distorts a portion of the spectrum that’s been set to add a throatier color and enhanced note articulation.


Dialing a high gain sound with presence, definition, and clarity require that a certain amount of low end is removed from the spectrum to be distorted. Having dedicated processing for the Low end of the spectrum while precisely controlling them using our Bus compressor algorithm, offers a seemingly infinite amount of size on tap.

While the Low, Mid and High sections offer total control of the distortion texture, attack, and overall size, the six band graphic equalizer provides an additional control layer for fine tuning the Parallax’s frequency response to perfection.

Parallax includes a very comprehensive cabinet simulation section with a wide variety of microphones that can be moved around the speaker for maximum flexibility. When distorted, the higher end of the register truly benefits from well-captured speaker impulses, as the inherent frequency response shapes the distortion in a very musical manner. The same is not true for the lows, where the peaks and valleys that do so much for the mid and treble tend to make the low end very problematic in a mix. This is why the cabsim module only affects the Mid and High bands.

Effortlessly navigate the infinite tonal possibilities with the included 100+ presets designed by iconic artists & producers to give you world-class bass tones in seconds.

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